With 2017, Innova Kayaks by Gumotex, USA launches the SEAWAVE, the ALFONSO, the HALIBUT, (our fishing line), an 8 in longer SAFARI 330 , and the new SOLAR 410 C, that is, the Solar with the 3rd seat. 

We are accepting pre-season orders for all the boats, begining now. As many of you know, in 2016   INNOVA ran out of Swing EX’s and Swing II’s and people were on a wait list until June. Don’t let that happen to you. The Seawave is a number one seller in Europe and it will be a number one seller in North America! Email info@innovakayak.com for details, or call Maureen at 360-707-2855 and get on the list!

What else is new?

Green is what’s new! Swing I and II, Twist I and II, and the Solar all come in green as well as their traditional colors!

swing twist-ii


Safari 330, is 8″ longer and 3″ wider. It is still a self-bailing boat with the widest range of capability of any kayak we know. Great for expedition touring, flatwater day trips, ocean surfing, and Class III whitewater rivers.

The Swing EX can now be outfitted with a rudder system!

The rugged Helios 1 and Helios 2, are being discontinued. The Sunny EX is going away as well. My preference for the switch would first be the Seawave and second, the Solar 410C.

Kira Salak selected the Innova inflatable kayak for its tough, stable reputationKira Salak is the first documented person to kayak solo 600 miles down West Africa’s Niger River. Her plan was audacious: to paddle 966 kilometers down the Niger River, a hazardous journey inspired by legendary Scottish explorer, Mungo Park, that no person had ever completed solo. She was highly determined and completely alone. Kira needed a boat as tough as she was. She did her research and found Innova to be the toughest, most dependable inflatable kayak…PERIOD.

Portable High Range Performance

David Nitsch, a serious kayak enthusiast from Los Angeles, recently took his fiancee and an Innova Helios 380 for five continuous months in Micronesia.David Nitsch, a serious kayak enthusiast from Los Angeles, took his fiancee and an Innova Helios 380 for five continuous months in Micronesia. Conditions ranged from glassy calm to feeling the breath of Typhoon Dale. “The boat handled well under almost all conditions. I was able to hold enough gear and supplies for two weeks by myself or one week with a partner. I would also like to comment on the ruggedness of the boat. During the five month expedition, I never had to patch the boat, coming home with only superficial scratches on the bottom.”

I threw it in the overhead and said good-bye to Los Angeles

Your Innova Kayak deflates to back-pack size and fits in your overhead bin.“We took our Innova kayak to all the Society Islands of French Polynesia and Kandavu and Vanua Levu in Fiji. We loaded up all our gear plus presents for the local chiefs, and headed way off the tourist map. We stayed in villages that western people hadn’t been to, and the locals were fascinated with the boat. After three months of hard use, still no patches, and this is after 5 months continuous use the year before! When we moved on to the trekking portion of our trip, we just washed the boat off and put it in a box and mailed it home.”