Some Innova History

Inflatable Boat Manufacturing in the 50s
There is something to be said for tradition…our factory has been in operation since 1956, manufacturing inflatable boats for well over 50 years. A long journey from its beginnings in a small plant in Southern Moravia, on the Czech-Austrian border, the factory now manufactures a variety of rubber and plastic products for automotive and other consumer industries.

Inflatable products (boats and mattress) fabric and design have evolved and a great deal of innovation has gone into the products over the years, but the culture of craftsmanship, quality, and just a plain love of water sports remain the same.

1997: Helios and Junior

Each year our manufacturer produces both the unique fabric – rubber coated nylon or Nitrylon as well as thousands of units of inflatable kayaks, canoes, rafts and yacht tenders. Innova boats were first introduced to the US market first in 1997 with just two models –- our best selling Helios double and Junior (since discontinued and replaced with higher performance boats such as Twist). Following these boats, we expanded our line of kayaks and canoes to include quality white water boats, tough sea kayaks, and durable, safe and easy to handle general recreation boats.

The Early Helios

There were quite a few early Helios kayaks brought into the US prior to 1990s. We would love to find them. If you think you or someone you know have one of the older Helios boats made in our factory, send us a picture, a story of how you obtained it, and the estimated date of manufacturing (please send us the report if you use carbon dating).