Publications – Wend Magazine

Wend Magazine in their own words:

Wend is a forum for real people, writing real stories about real adventures and real environmental issues. As an independent media group, active in both environmental activism and the outdoors, we realize that part of going off the beaten path means making sure the path doesn’t get beaten. We are a magazine that understands that to advocate for the majesty of nature, we’d be hypocritical to print on paper that comes from destroying it, and thus, every issue of Wend is printed on locally sourced, FSC certified paper.

Our mission is to educate and inspire, as we see travel and experience as revelation that enriches our lives, and makes us better world citizens. We travel not to escape but to challenge ourselves and discover the humanity that every culture, big or small, poor or rich, shares. Sometimes grand adventure takes us to the other side of the planet, atop a towering peak, across an ocean, or even to our own cities, just around the corner. Our narrative style doesn’t focus so much on where we go, or what summit we made, but rather all the nuances of how we get there. We are people who write in our journals, take photographs, and build our understanding of the world one step at a time with humility and respect.

We believe in partnering with outdoor brands and environmental organizations who exist to promote a true green ethic and economy. We have built our growth model so that our love for the earth, in all its vast wonders, translates into a better ability to affect the destiny we face as human inhabitants of it.

Publications – Tackle Tour

Tackle Tour is “The Angler’s Source for Tackle News and Reviews”.

In their own words…
There are two kinds of fisherman…those that are minimalists and carry only the tackle they absolutely need, use the same rod and reel for multiple applications day in and day out…and then there are those with an arsenal of rods, reels, and always sport the latest ammunition of lures. is the tackle review site for everyone! Whether you are looking for the one reel that can do it all, or the latest and greatest in tackle technology TackleTour has your answers and recommendations, so when you are in the field all you need to worry about are….. the fish!

Tackle Tour has an in-depth review of the Innova Solar here

Publications – Paddlesheep: Inflatable Kayaking in B.C.

We love this guy…and he has some great shots of our boats: Inflatable Kayaking in B.C.

In his own words, “I’ve always wanted to get out onto the water and after moving to Vancouver a few years ago discovered the perfect solution, kayaking. Self powered, economical, environmentally friendly, quiet…my ideal ride. Storage space and vehicle issues prevented me from getting a hardshell. I considered folders, but wound up becoming obsessed with inflatable kayaks. So to spare friends and family the pain of listening to me go on, I created this blog.”