Weight Capacity

Your kayaks call for a weight of 220 pounds for a 1-person. I weigh around 235, and would have roughly a 20 pound pack on some accassions. Would the kayak be OK? Which one would be more preferable for that weight?

I weigh about 220 pounds. I find the weight capacity listed by the factory, which we show on our website, as quite conservative. That is, when the boat is loaded to the listed capacity, the bottom of the main side tubes is just starting to become immersed.

Now, the Innova Safari is self-bailing. So when this is loaded beyond the 220-pound capacity it will be lower in the water and a little wetter on the interior than with a lower weight. The Sunny, Helios, and Solar are less affected. I have paddled the Helios double with 460 pounds aboard in very rough conditions, and this boat is rated for 396 pounds.