It was just one of those rare combination of incidents…a sudden storm, a dragging anchor (which fouled the prop), a strong current and a bridge between us and open water.

We purchased a new Sunny and have been very pleased with the boat. In fact, our small cruising sailboat was caught in a severe sudden storm while anchored one night off Bahai Honda Key, FL and broke free. Our sailboat was blown in strong currents and 45+mph winds into an old railroad bridge, breaking the mast and causing other significant damage.

My wife and I managed to escape our near capsizing craft by stepping into the Sunny that we had secured to our stern cleats. The Sunny certainly played a role in helping us get to shore (no paddles) and save ourselves during the ordeal. We also managed to pull it up on the coral and rocky banks and secure it during the blow. The Sunny came through with only a few scratches (as did we), though my sailboat has been declared a loss by the insurance company.

It is sad to have our little Flicka declared a loss, but given the situation we did pretty well to save ourselves and, eventualy, most of our gear on board.

It was just one of those rare combination of incidents…a sudden storm, a dragging anchor (which fouled the prop), a strong current and a bridge between us and open water. We were one of 11 boats the coast guard had to respond to during the storm. A 50′ catamaran suffered a similar fate at another bridge a few Keys to the east. It’s just a part of sailing.

The Sunny has drawn lots of attention among the cruising community in Marathon (200+ cruisers moor there) and other spots. I often found myself giving out information on the boat and your company to folks interested in looking into getting one as a tender or back-up tender/water toy.

Guess we will be doing more paddling for a while….


Harold Murphy’s Safari Trips

From Harold Murphy

I will try to explain my Safari trips in a few words. This one picture explains it well. Here I have my Safari loaded with 10 days of food and a few days of water. The scenery is blue and green, the wind is at my back, the river current is 1-2 mph. Camping is no problem.

I do not have a worry in my mind. All I need to understand is which way the river flows, and follow it around the next bend, then the next bend, and then the next bend. Need I say more? Life is simple and perfect here.

And for 2011?

I just booked my flight to Indianapolis, Indiana (early June) to  travel the White River, south-west to the Wabash River south, to the Ohio River west, to the Mississippi River south as far south as New Madrid, Missouri. Should be 400+ miles. Should be another “adventure” with my Safari & camera. P.S. New Madrid, Missouri lies exactly on top of a major earth-quake fault that has been “sleeping” for a couple hundred years. Hope it continues to “sleep” through June, 2011

Harold Murphy on the Mississippi Summer 2010

Reasons Why to Get an Innova Inflatable Kayak

#1 – fits in your overhead bin.

What do Lake Titicaca, Great Salt Lake, and the Baja Peninsula have in common? They’re all places you can get to with your Innova inflatable kayak.

It’s as simple as:

– make reservations
– pull your Innova kayak out of your closet (comes in its own backpack)
– pack your clothes
– fly wherever


October Kayaking in British Columbia

Larry James took his Innova Sunny inflatable kayak out in October in BC, when he was often the only one on the lake!

In his own words: From Clearwater B.C. on Kalamalka Lake I took my GPS with me and recorded the stats: In 5 hours and 25 minutes, only stopping a few times, but never getting out of the kayak I paddled 24 kilometres averaging 5 kilometres per hour with a top speed of 8.5 kilometers per hour, all on calm water. Now that was a workout, but big FUN!!! Two days later I managed to squeeze 8.9 kilometres per hour out of that Sunny, (in a short burst of speed). I’ve learned all of the proper gear to take with me now for all types of weather and am enjoying the heck out of my Sunny!!! Unfortunately, time to put it away until next year.

Kayak Guatamala

Innova inflatable kayaks will soon be sold at a distributor in Guatamala. As we venture into the winter months up North, these photos are exceptionally appealing. Kayak Guatamala!

North American River Journeys – Rock River

From Harold Murphy:

I started on the Rock River in the end of July 2010.  The start was delayed by a few days due to heavy rain in Chicago, about 10 inches in a few days.  So, the river was high.  In fact, in flood conditions.  I was on the river alone.

Being in flood conditions, the river was running fast (but not dangerously fast) at 2-4 mph, and at times, perhaps 5 mph.  I was alone on the river; I didn’t see another boater in 5 days.

I started below the Beloit Dam, and had 8 more dams after that.  The dams at Rockton, Oregon, and Dixon were very dangerous.  Water was flowing over the tops of all, and very fast. In normal conditions I would still consider these dams too dangerous to get close to.

For safe portage around the Rockford dam I called Action Taxi.  They picked me up with my gear and my inflatable Innova Safari.  For a night or two in Beloit, I would highly recommend the Roadway Inn and the Road Dawg Restaurant (and bar).

Thanks Harold!  We’ll post a chronological photo-essay of his journey when Harold returns from Turkey to confirm that I’ve got the photos in the correct order.  In the meantime, here are a few photos.