McGlathery’s Island, Maine, Innova Helios II EX

Low tide crushed shell beach, McGlathery’s Island,┬áMaine
Low tide crushed shell beach, another photo
his is the boat we camp on and travel around the Maine coast islands. We switched from the pictured dinghy to the Innova Helios II inflatable kayak, and really love it, and have so much more room on board!
Lashed to our boat for the night

Maine Island Trail in an inflatable kayak

The Maine Island Trail, America’s First Water Trail, is created, protected, and enjoyed by people who love the coast of Maine.

Enjoy your inflatable kayak on the Maine Island Trail, a 375-mile waterway extending from the New Hampshire border on the west, to Machias Bay on the east. The Trail winds its way along the coast, around magnificent and exposed capes, through protected saltwater rivers and quiet bays, and among islands large and small. It includes over 180 islands and mainland sites along the route, available for day visits or overnight camping.

Most of the sites are accessible only by water in private craft; however, some mainland sites and campgrounds can be reached by car. Detailed information about the location of Trail sites is included in the Maine Island Trail Association Guidebook, a benefit of membership.

The public sites on the Trail are owned by municipalities, the State of Maine or the federal government and are open to all. But many of the islands and sites on the Trail are owned privately and are open only to MITA members (or to other guests of the property owners). MITA’s permission to access the private sites on the Trail is a very special privilege. The owners share these sites with us out of generosity, and receive nothing in return but a promise of good stewardship. To help retain access to these places, MITA members are asked to care for these properties as if they were their own, and to follow carefully the specific island use guidelines posted by the owners.

Thanks from the folks at Innova Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes