San Diego Customer…

Hi Tim,

I repaired my kayak and was able to get on the water with it in the Agua Hedionda Lagoon last Saturday. A huge fish jumped right over the nose of my boat, it was awesome!

There’s not so much water here in San Diego; we have the ocean, a few lagoons and some reservoirs. So I’ve attached a couple of pictures of me with my red Solar kayak in other interesting places. The first picture is from our recent trip to Yellowstone Natl. Park where we paddled out for a bit on Yellowstone Lake but had to head back when a pretty good storm blew in. The second pic is on Lake Tahoe. We packed up our boats with all the gear we would need and kayaked to Emerald Bay where we camped for a couple of days.

The last pic is me without my boat but with a very cool geyser. If you have not been to Yellowstone I would highly recommend it! Thanks again for your truly excellent service!!!

Much love,