SF Bay Area Kayaking in an Innova Sunny Inflatable Kayak

Two Noobs, One Dog, Two Paddles, One Kayak

In an effort to be more outdoorsy, my wife talked me into buying an inflatable kayak. Not just a pool toy for leisurely floats, but a serious “man’s” inflatable kayak. We spent just over $1,000 and at that price the guilt of not using it would eclipse my fear of drowning in the raging rivers we were sure to tackle.

We settled on the Innova Sunny based on stellar reviews from my sister-in-law and a lot of Internet research. My biggest selling point was the sister-in-law’s promise that it was almost impossible to tip.

We planned a trip with said sister-in-law down the Middle Fork of the Klamath in Northern CA. Before our trial by river on the Klamath we took three local runs to break the new boat in. So far every trip with the Sunny has been more than worth the price.

I’m Fixin’ To Give You A Paddlin’

Where to go a Paddlin’ in the greater San Francisco area.

Spending the weekend on a river, a lake, a pond, even a puddle is better than spending a weekend with a vacuum, a dishwasher, a to-do list, and a headache. My inflatable kayak is currently rolled up in the garage awaiting its next great adventure, but while she’s resting (yes, my inflatable kayak is female and her name is Sunny) I’m going to give you a quick breakdown for where to get your paddle on in the greater San Francisco area.