Wisconsin River in an Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak

Lower Wisconsin River (last year) below the Wisconsin Dells near the Convenience Store. And from the water & sandy bottm one can easily see how it is so easy to canoe and camp on the many sandbars and sandy islands.

Camp #3 a few miles below Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Tomahawk is an easy access to town with several Fast Food outlets nearby to add a few hundred Quality Calories.

A shallow set of rapids nearing Merrill, Wisconsin, and another very beautiful section of the Upper Wisconsin River.

This camp site is below Merrill, Wisconsin, and it is easy to enjoy this section of the Upper Wisconsin River. In fact, it is a “perfect” river here; current 2-3 mph, beautiful scenery, easy camping, and NOBODY around.

The Wisconsin River below Wisconsin Dells one of the most beautiful rivers, sandy bottom, sandy islands, only one dam to portage around at Saulk City, Wisconsin (easy portage), and a Convenience Store about three days below the Dells, right side, easy to walk to from the river to buy food, chocolate cookies, and fill water bottles. I do remember one “fresh” spring on that section that I used for my cooking water. Many beautiful campsites on sandy islands or beaches.