Out boats are made of the same material used in high-end Zodiac-type yacht tenders.

Think Zodiacs, Jacques Cousteau, GreenPeace, the US Coast Guard, and Grand Canyon whitewater rafts…our boats are made of the same material used in high-end, Zodiac-type yacht tenders and high-end whitewater rafts. For these demanding applications inflatables are considered the tough and proper boats to have.

Sometimes people think that inflatables are fragile, a lingering image from childhood wading pools. Forget the pool toy image. Modern inflatable kayaks can take years of hard use.

From a customer:
I have spent at least 700 days paddling the Helios in the South Pacific, guiding clients and going off on my own, and am convinced the Helios is the best boat you can have for tropical applications. French Polynesia, the Cooks, Fiji, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, you can go ANYWHERE with this boat! I’ve never had a puncture, though I’ve scraped over staghorn corals at low tide more than a few times. I am always careful to let a lot of air out of the boat if it’s going to be out of the water for more than a few minutes, and I’m religious about parking it in the shade. A little caution with heat, sun and pressure, and this boat will last you for many years. The rubber material handles the intense tropical sun amazingly well, better than
my skin.

How are Innova inflatable kayaks and canoes made? Why are these inflatable kayaks and canoes resilient?