Ease of Setup

Quick and easy

An Innova inflatable can be setup, or put away in its bag, in less than 10 minutes – honest!

Everyone’s Travel Club inflates an Innova Helios II inflatable kayak

Compared with folding kayaks (which also travel well), boat setup time is quicker and easier (Innova boats set up in under 10 minutes…and you won’t need a degree in mechanical engineering).

Compared with rigid kayaks, in the time it takes to rig your roof rack and tie down your boat, you could have been out kayaking an hour ago.

The below photo by Rémi Bénali shows adventurer, Kira Salak, inflating her Innova Safari on the start of her 600-mile journey down the Niger river to Timbuktu.

The image below shows the foot pump being used to inflate the Innova Safari in the above photo featuring adventurer, Kira Salak.