Faster Drying

You might like the notion of inflatable kayaks because they are easy to store, simple to travel with, and fast to setup. But when you are done paddling, it’s also really great to have a boat that’s quick to put away.

Innova kayaks are the fastest on the market to break down, dry off, and pack up. Our boats have large diameter valves that deflate the kayak in seconds when opened, and the kayaks fold up rapidly into their backpacks. More importantly, our Nitrylon rubber-coated boats can be simply wiped off with a towel to completely dry them in a couple of minutes. And you don’t have to unpack Innova boats when you get home to finish drying them.

This is not true of some competing inflatable kayaks which can take hours to dry. Why? A common competing inflatable construction uses internal bladders with a zip-on cover for their air chambers. These “bladder boats” get water between the cover and the bladder that can take hours or days to fully dry. This can be a big deal if you have used your kayak in salt water and want to avoid smells and biological science projects growing under your kayak’s skin.