Innova kayaks and canoes resist punctures and abrasion.

Abrasion resistance is related to the coating on the underside of the boat. Innova kayaks have a rubber-coated surface on the bottom. Rubber tends to bounce back under stress. Most inflatable boats are coated with PVC and/or vinyl which tends to cut under stress.

Innova kayaks are made of 1200 denier polyester which is a relatively heavy weight yarn that is low-stretch. This results in a stiffer boat.

A quote from Dirk Macfarlane, Lt. Commander, Navy SEAL

“I am very satisfied with your kayak. It is VERY durable, versatile, compact and easy to set up. I have thrown it, dragged it and paddled over jagged rocks with it and it just won’t pop! The bottom is scratched up but there is no sign of serious wear. Believe me, I beat the crap out of your kayak and it laughs at me. I am a dedicated fan.”