Cornish Coast

Me and my uncle paddling around the Cornish coast. It is a magical place.

There will be a part two when hopefully I’ll find Merlin’s cave.

I paddle the Helios and my uncle the Safari. We’ve been in some hairy situations and those boats have proved themselves time and time again.

I love your website.

Happy paddling!

The only Sunny in the Great Russian River Race 12 May 2012

I have been telling folks that I was the first single inflatable kayak to finish the Great Russian River Race…

…After they clap I admit that I was the ONLY inflatable kayak in the race (the only other inflatable was a paddle board).

Still, I finished well up in the single kayak class!

The Sunny is a great boat.

I and my Sunny leave for Micronesia next month.

“More news as it breaks.”



Shout Out to Jim and Vicki on their Innova Swing Kayaks

We absolutely love our Swing I kayaks.

This photo was taken on Econfina Creek in the Florida Panhandle, late December of 2012. 

The paddle is a relaxing meander about 9 miles long, and the local canoe livery will shuttle your car to the take out for about $20. The creek has 3 beautiful hot springs, and in December it was free of tourists, bugs, and alligators.

I understand it gets very busy in Summer. Check it out at

Vicki and Jim Bucklin

Swing Performance on Flat Water, River Delta, Class 3 Rivers

I love the Swing kayaks.

I enjoyed both the Swing I and the Swing II on flat water, river delta and class 3 rivers.

The way these boats are designed, they are superbly stable and the deck keeps unwanted splashing outside.

I used the two-seater by myself and was surprised how easy it was to handle, while it allowed me to carry cargo.

These boats are well made and thought through. It shows in the simplicity of inflation/deflation and the ease with which you can pack it away and get ready for your next adventure.

What’s not to love?

K. S.

My New Twist


My new Twist and I went out on a small nearby lake this afternoon, a little windy which gave me a chance to try it in the wind.I am very comfortable in this boat, which is quite stable, easy to paddle and maneuver.

The Innova Twist covers the water much faster than my usual float tube, with less effort. The boat has a cozy enclosing feeling. The backrest and footrest work well for me.

The boat has a quality feel to the construction. Using the foot pump, it is very quick and simple to inflate it for use.

I think this will be a real improvement in accessing more water in the larger lakes I fish, I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks again,

All that time on my Kayak…

Just yesterday I talked with a store clerk about the kayak residing in the trunk of my car, and she said she had been thinking about kayaks recently but couldn’t wrap her brain around the idea of putting one on top of her car by herself. Great conversation…she wrote ‘Innova’ down on her sticky note.

I am attending a workshop with 40 people, many from different states, and the conversation inevitably turns to leisure activities. I bring up the kayak, at the ready, in my trunk…lot’s of conversation after that.

Since the helios is softer than the kayak I use for rougher and colder weather when two hours is usually long enough, my trips have extended to nearly four hours in length at a time without discomfort in a seated position.

Love to hang out in kelp forests, riding the waves…the action is so similar on the body to snorkeling near the surf in Hawaii.

What keeps me alert and engaged for all that time you may ask?

The harbor seals and their pups, the dahl’s porpoises and their babies, the jellyfish, the schools of juvenile salmon, smelt, herring.

The kelp beds, the sea urchins, the starfish and chitons

The comorants and how they tend to their young, pigeon guillemots, kingfishers, canadian geese, quiet fog, eagles training their offspring to fish by Dead Man’s Cove.

The miraculous varieties of crab life hanging out in miraculous varieties of plant life and moving about on the bottom and tucked into rocks.

Shrimp, searches for barnacles and mussels the size of your fist, anemones, seagull frenzies at herring discoveries and/or incessant seal harassment.

Oyster catchers and lipid extraction, sea otter antics.

The sun’s path across the sky, the Olympics, San Juan Islands, boat traffic, occasional winged insects, lava wave formations and striations.

Low tide and high tide and the changing currents and eddies, people watching and children and dogs at play.

Go with the Grizzlies

I am the happy owner of 2 Innova Safari kayaks which have been used hard for over 11 years. I am a field biologist in BC where I use the boats to study grizzly bears, salmon and their habitat. I originally bought them because I needed boats that would fit in a Robinson R44 helicopter. They have performed beyond my initial expectations.

Stefan Himmer (Himmer’s Innova Safari was initially purchased in 2001 from Ocean River Sports in Victoria, BC)

Andrew Todhunter, National Geographic

The Innova Twist kayak went on a National Geographic expedition to western Egypt. The writer for this expedition, Andrew Todhunter, sent us this:

…the boat was wonderful. While heavy winds prevented using the kayak on most of the lakes, I was able to inflate and paddle it on a lake out in the midst of the high dunes on the edge of the Great Sand Sea, south of the Siwa Oasis.

As you suggested, the Twist was almost certainly the first craft ever in that body of water.

It worked beautifully, and the small size when deflated made transporting it a dream (by hand and later in a tightly packed 4×4).

The Bedouin guides were amazed by the boat…

 …With continued gratitude for your enthusiasm and support of National Geographic exploration!

A Bedouin studying the inflated kayak.