Boarding a Sunny

I can’t get in and out of a conventional kayak due to back and hip surgeries. Is the solar easier than a regular kayak to get in and out of?

Most of our models are much easier to get in and out of than rigid kayaks. From a beach launch I suggest two methods of boarding the kayak. The first is to simply straddle the boat when it is in the water and sit down. Innova kayaks are generally narrow enough so this technique is pretty easy to do. The second method is to walk the kayak out to where the water is at your thighs, and with your back to the kayak and with your legs up against the boat, sit down in the kayak and then swing both legs around into the boat. Of course, you would have to figure what works best for you, but we have always found an easy way for folks to get into the kayaks, and get style points for grace as well!

The Solar is a nice, stable platform to work with.