What Type of Gear Should I Bring Kayaking?

From a customer: I’ve learned all of the proper gear to take with me now for all types of weather and am enjoying the heck out of my Sunny!!!

Some kind of hat is good to keep the sun out of your eyes, but when there’s no sun, it keeps your head dry, protecting from water splashing from the paddles over time.

Life jacket(s) c/w a pealess whistle in pocket

Light rain pants, keeps your legs dry in warm (especially welcome in cooler weather)

Paddling gloves – comfortable and keep your hands warm and help prevent blisters

Kayak booties (available in different styles) keep your feet warm and nice when stepping out of the kayak onto unknown footing

Paddles, numbered, so that they fit together nicely every time.

Synthetic chamois (Shamwow or similar).  I carry 1 in the dry bag and one between my legs on the floor of the kayak to pick up water that accumulates on the bottom of the kayak, then wring it out overboard.  I use it to dry the kayak off before putting it away.  I don’t use the sponge that comes with the kayak.

GPS to track you speed/mileage; Cell phone for emergency call; a waterproof pouch to put them in. You can read the GPS through the clear window.

2-way radios.  Leave one on shore with someone else, or in your vehicle. Range up to 3 km.  Broadcasts local weather. Great for an emergency or talking to someone on shore. Start at $50.00 CDN.

 A double-acting pump (or a foot pump)

Very light, high-tech fabric Rain Jacket.  Good for an unexpected shower, or from water splashing off the paddles onto your shoulders over time on a long trip.

Bike pant clips to put around the legs of the loose-fitting rain pants to prevent your pants under the rain pants from wicking in water from the floor of the kayak.

Waterproof strobe light.  Allows for high visibility in an emergency (especially if it is getting dark).

Dry bag (available in different sizes).   Great to keep your lunch in, extra clothing or anything else that you just don’t want to get wet.

Waterproof camera case, and camera