I have just purchased two Helios singles with the lite pack top material. I have also bought some UV Tech as suggested on your site. My question is – should I first waterproof the lite pak material with some form of ScotchGard and then use the UV Tech as a routine coat on all of the boat. I thought if the lite pak was stopped from taking on water then when used in saltwater the salt would not encrust on the material when on longer trips. Secondly the boat would be less heavy and the finish may not stain from sweat.

We have had good luck using ScotchGard on LitePack. We have used the outdoor, heavy-duty ScotchGard applied in two light coats to the LitePack. The treatment causes water to bead on the LitePack, thus reducing the wetting of the fabric and reducing the time needed for the fabric to dry. Of course, the ScotchGard treatment also helps resists staining. Just be careful to follow the application directions in applying two light coats and doing it outdoors (the stuff really stinks until dry).