Sunny Storage

Question from Customer:

If I would like to add bungee cords to the Sunny for storage, what would you suggest doing? To glue some D-rings to the skin or drill holes where the two skins meet?

Tim’s Answer:

You can add holes in the vertical seam, but punch them rather than drilling, them add a bungee cord. You can buy grommet kits with an included punch, but be sure to use nickel-plated or stainless steel grommets. Brass grommets will damage the seams when they corrode. Also, be sure to punch the holes no closer to the tubes than the mid-point of the seams.

Rather than go to this trouble with the Sunny, you may want to lash your gear down using the D-rings for the seats and the grab handles as attachment points for your lashing cord. It’s plenty for touring tie downs.