Sunny Storage

Question from Customer:

If I would like to add bungee cords to the Sunny for storage, what would you suggest doing? To glue some D-rings to the skin or drill holes where the two skins meet?

Tim’s Answer:

You can add holes in the vertical seam, but punch them rather than drilling, them add a bungee cord. You can buy grommet kits with an included punch, but be sure to use nickel-plated or stainless steel grommets. Brass grommets will damage the seams when they corrode. Also, be sure to punch the holes no closer to the tubes than the mid-point of the seams.

Rather than go to this trouble with the Sunny, you may want to lash your gear down using the D-rings for the seats and the grab handles as attachment points for your lashing cord. It’s plenty for touring tie downs.

Personal Tethers for Inflatable Kayaks

Would you recommend using a personal tether attached to the Sunny or Safari to prevent it from running away in windy conditions?

I think it’s as like I was told in the military, “it depends on the situation and the terrain.” Most paddling is nearby a shoreline in calm conditions, so a boat tether does seem unnecessary to me then. However, if I was going to paddle by myself, in an exposed crossing well away from shore, in wind, a boat tether makes sense as a backup. However, I don’t recommend ever paddling alone in those conditions. I also would never have a boat tether on me in a fast river.

A boat tether is also a potential entanglement for you in the water. If you are wearing a PFD and the proper clothing for immersion, you will have time to sort out your paddle, the boat, the various leashes and tethers, and get back aboard.

The best advice I can give you is to get your kayaks into reasonably warm water and try dumping yourself out and reboarding. Try it in the calm, in a little wind, with and without the leashes. Your Sunny will be easier to re-board than your Safari. The important thing is to try your safety gear in real conditions. You might find that the length you thought would work on a leash is actually a liability, or that you guessed right.

Fin Kit for Sunny

I purchased a Sunny before it started being produced and shipped with a detachable fin standard. Is it possible to purchase a fin to attach to the older model Sunny?

We have fin kits. Check our store for more information or contact us.

2007 Sunny wants New Seats

I’m the owner of the old 2007 Sunny, when it was still red material (Nitrylon?) inside and out. I really *love* the new sunny’s seats; it solves all the problems that I experience on my old sunny. Is there a way I can retrofit them to my kayak?

Unfortunately, the newer seats will not tie into the older boats. We have had a couple of people modify the older seats. To keep the old seats from rotating backwards when you lean back, some folks have attached D-rings on the tops of the tubes at the fore-and-aft position where the front edge of the seat bottom rests. They then have added a loop of webbing that goes through the D-ring and and then connects to the buckle at the seat back.

Sunny Pillow

I only have one “pillow” for stuffing into the bow/stern of the boat. Are there supposed to be two?

The boat you have only has one “pillow” foot rest for the bow of the kayak when paddling double.