Weight Capacity in Safari

I bought a Safari which has a weight limit of 225. I am 245. When I fill it up with air it tips over as soon as I sit in it. If I deflate the center, water comes in but it doesn’t tip. I was told that I shouldn’t do that though. Any suggestions? Does being 20 pounds over the weight limit, make it that unstable?

No, the Safaris should not be that unstable — even at your weight. I weigh 220 on a good day, and 20 more pounds should not affect the boat that much.

How about the thigh straps? Do you wear the thigh straps when you paddle? I recommend that you use these even in flat water. First adjust the foot rest so that your knees are slightly bent when your feet are on the rest, then place the straps inside your knees and tighten the straps. The thigh straps will give you much more control and stability.