All that time on my Kayak…

Just yesterday I talked with a store clerk about the kayak residing in the trunk of my car, and she said she had been thinking about kayaks recently but couldn’t wrap her brain around the idea of putting one on top of her car by herself. Great conversation…she wrote ‘Innova’ down on her sticky note.

I am attending a workshop with 40 people, many from different states, and the conversation inevitably turns to leisure activities. I bring up the kayak, at the ready, in my trunk…lot’s of conversation after that.

Since the helios is softer than the kayak I use for rougher and colder weather when two hours is usually long enough, my trips have extended to nearly four hours in length at a time without discomfort in a seated position.

Love to hang out in kelp forests, riding the waves…the action is so similar on the body to snorkeling near the surf in Hawaii.

What keeps me alert and engaged for all that time you may ask?

The harbor seals and their pups, the dahl’s porpoises and their babies, the jellyfish, the schools of juvenile salmon, smelt, herring.

The kelp beds, the sea urchins, the starfish and chitons

The comorants and how they tend to their young, pigeon guillemots, kingfishers, canadian geese, quiet fog, eagles training their offspring to fish by Dead Man’s Cove.

The miraculous varieties of crab life hanging out in miraculous varieties of plant life and moving about on the bottom and tucked into rocks.

Shrimp, searches for barnacles and mussels the size of your fist, anemones, seagull frenzies at herring discoveries and/or incessant seal harassment.

Oyster catchers and lipid extraction, sea otter antics.

The sun’s path across the sky, the Olympics, San Juan Islands, boat traffic, occasional winged insects, lava wave formations and striations.

Low tide and high tide and the changing currents and eddies, people watching and children and dogs at play.