Andrea Corona

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I’m really happy with my Safari inflatable kayak. I especially like how easy it is to put together and how comfortable it is. Transporting it to the water is so easy too.

The nice thing is that I can turn it on a dime. With time I will learn to correct my paddle stroke to help it go straight.

This coming week I’ll go out with some other paddlers and start practicing re-entries. For now a paddlefloat will be at hand just in case.

And in a couple of weeks we will be cycling to Newcastle Island, by Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, for the weekend and take the Sunny in tow. That should be fun too. And of course there’s Paddlefest too.

BTW, the other day I saw someone, boarding a bus, with the Innova bag on his back, a dry bag in one hand and a paddle with PFD in the other. He was on the bus and gone before I had a chance to chat.