Customer Feedback: Sunny vs Safari

Due to this and that, I hadn’t had a chance to paddle the Sunny as a double yet. So July 8th I entered a Big Chop race, Little Chop for me, here in Vancouver. I paddled the Sunny as a single.

This was the first time paddling this kayak. I was really impressed how well it tracked compared to the Safari. During the 4km race in English Bay I encountered 2′ waves coming from every direction due to the many powerboats in the area. I must say the Sunny behaved really well, however I could feel my body weight just wasn’t enough to keep it going and it would almost stop at every wave. There was surprisingly little water coming into the boat. Being used to the self-bailing Safari I was a bit concerned about getting swamped, but that didn’t happen. I finished the race 12 out of 20 boats. That’s 40:50 for 2nm course. That’s about a 3 knot average! Not too bad for an inflatable on it’s first time out.

Another big difference I noticed from the Safari is that the Sunny would flex under my, not so heavy weight with almost every wave. This does not happen to the Safari… it’s so much stiffer, and I think it is way better for solo paddling. The Safari is a whole lot more fun too. Having two people on the Sunny would definetelly be the way to go.

Note from Innova: You mentioned that the Sunny tracked better than the Safari. That’s largely because the Sunny is a longer boat.