Dirk Macfarlane, Lt. Commander, Navy SEAL

Western Pacific Safari paddling in Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia & Darwin

Dear Tim,

I have been paddling your Safari kayak quite often and . . . I LOVE it. In fact, the BLUE RIDGE (SEVENTH Fleet command ship) deployed on the annual “Southern Swing” this year from January to April. During Southern Swing, we were in ports about half the time in places like Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia, Darwin and Brisbane Australia and New Caledonia. I paddled the Safari in most of those places. The Safari is the perfect traveler’s kayak because it is light, sooo compact and, it sets up so much quicker than folding kayaks. If I hear about some great rapids in a country that I happen to be visiting, I can put the Safari on my back, catch a bus, and BAM, there I am paddling on some exotic river, no hassles, no complicated coordination, just paddling. If good paddling is within a reasonable distance from my point of embarkation in a country, I like to ride my mountain bike, with the Safari on my back, to the paddling location. Now I ask you, how else can you carry a kayak on your mountain bike? You could use a folding kayak, but that spoils my fun because they take so long to set up.

I keep the Safari in my car so that I can paddle whenever I feel like it.

I am very satisfied with your kayak. It is VERY durable, versatile, compact and easy to set up. I have thrown it, dragged it and paddled over jagged rocks with it and it just won’t pop! The bottom is scratched up but there is no sign of serious wear. Believe me, I beat the crap out of your kayak and it laughs at me. I am a dedicated fan. I am very glad that you talked me out of bringing a folding kayak here to Japan. I would never paddle because of the required set up time.

Very Respectfully,
Dirk Macfarlane