Dr. Alex C. Spyropoulos

Southwestern coast of Crete in Greece: 120 nautical mile Greek Odyssey in a Helios 380EX

Dear Sirs,

I would like to thank you for a truly sturdy and seaworthy product – the Helios 380EX. I ventured on an interesting journey – a solo, self-supported kayak tour of the south-western coast of Crete in Greece.

Sunset in the Greek Isles

This happens to be one of the most unspoiled and rugged coastlines in all of Europe, with towering 300-800 foot cliffs, jagged coral shoals, deep, wild waters, beautiful white sandy beaches, and sparse habitation.

The area is so remote that in certain instances I had to use old World War II German Maps for topography and water well sources.

After120 nautical miles in his Helios Dr. Spyropoulos appraches the village of Elafonission just 5 minutes late.

I completed the 120 nautical mile journey in 10 days – dubbing this the Odyssey II in epic Greek fashion. On the way I battled contrary currents, waves up to 10 to 12 feet high, and winds of up to Force 6 on the Beaufort scale. My Helios stood up to these test magnificently with only minor valve repair needed.

When I reached Elafonission, my final destination, I was scolded for my tardiness for our appointed time by my friends – after all, I was 5 minutes late!!!

Helios on the beach in Crete

You may very well imagine the shock from the surrounding people when they found out my starting point and the fact that the journey was done with an inflatable kayak. Thank you for a wonderful product (my life depended on it).

Alex C. Spyropoulos, MD
New Mexico