Larry Dunn

Norton Sound, Alaska: Fishing with the Yupik Eskimos.

Dear Innova,

The Helios 380EX is working great. It handles swells and waves with ease, especially considering I have only been out in it four times and I have no previous experience. The water has been too rough recently for the locals (subsistence Yupik Eskimos) to want to put out in their Lunds in the ocean to set their subsistence nets.  Consequently, most of the village is missing the silver salmon run.

Helios 380EX to the rescue.  With a 50 foot subsistence net we have been catching about forty, seven to ten pound, silver salmon every day. We give them to the villagers. They are very appreciative.

Thank you people at Innova!

Larry Dunn, Alaska

Barbara with new friend, a Yupik Eskimo, and the Helios