Maria Claudia Diazgranados

Omacha Foundation, Orinoco River: River Dolphins, Giant Otters, Fishes, Turtles and Caimans

Hello Tim,

The Foundation Omacha is a non profit, non government organization created to study, research, protect and manage aquatic fauna in relation to the physical and cultural environment. The research and activities of the Foundation can be summed up in three main programs (bio-ecological, social-cultural and educational) which, taken together, provide the basis for conservation strategies.

The Foundation has projects in the Amazon, Orinoco and on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. In the Orinoco we are undertaking five different projects with river dolphins, giant otters, fishes, turtles and caimans.

We have observed a lot of interesting things in our research, especially in the giant otter project. We learned a lot from a rescued baby otter. It seems that his family was hunted to be sold as pets.

I will send you a brief summary of the project as soon as possible. I am very interested in trying to get an article into the Natural History Magazine. I have prepared it and I will send it to you later.

Best Wishes,
Maria Claudia Diazgranados
Omacha Foundation

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