Paul Maki

In May I purchased a Safari from you and would like to take a moment to give you my impressions. I have paddled the kayak on lakes, slow moving rivers, and in Class II whitewater. My Safari has performed wonderfully in all conditions met so far. I have scraped rocks, got hung up on logs, played in the rapids, worked the wind on a lake (25-30 mph), and even passed up a pontoon boat as I approached a dam on a local Michigan river. The Safari is river ready in ten minutes and ready to go home just as fast. It seems very durable (no punctures yet anyway) and the 303 protectant does a nice job on the finish of the boat. The touring seat is quite comfortable-recently I took a 21 mile trip on northern Michigan’s Pine River with only 2 breaks of 15 minutes. I could not have done that in my hardshell kayak without a dead back and legs. I will continue to use the Safari at least once a week until the season ends. One last thing — your help both on e-mail and on the phone were the personal touches that helped me in finally deciding on the inflatable Safari and I thank you personally for your time and expertise because with no local dealer and no personal experience with Innova; I probably would have purchased a different brand of boat.

Paul Maki, Kentwood, MI