Paul Yuschak Takes a Sunny to the Captiva area on the gulf coast of Florida

Dear Innova,

Just a quick note to let you know how much my family enjoys the Sunny that we purchased this year.

This past spring we purchased the Sunny to take on a vacation to the Captiva area on the gulf coast of Florida. It was great. It was easy to travel with and so easy to set up. Also, I was amazed at how well it paddled even in inlets where the wind and tide made paddling a challenge. I used it on some long day trips to deserted islands and carried a fair amount of gear. My daughters loved paddling it off the resort beach. We also used it a lot off the southern New Jersey coast, taking it out through the surf in search of dolphins. We had such a blast with it that I am selling two of my hard kayaks and purchasing two Safaris for playing in the surf.

Paul Yuschak