Ralph and Sharon Kast

SanBlas Islands & Fiji: Helios 380 aboard the Kastaway
09 ¼ 25.95 N
078 ¼ 31.43 W
October 15, 2002
Dear Innova,

We are sailing around the world in our Bowman 49 Ketch, Kastaway. We use the Helios 380 to explore the more remote islands of the South Pacific, and the world. The Helios is stored below in our sailboat when not in use. It packs down to a small size and it is easy to inflate.

We love to observe nature in its natural state without the noise of a dingy’s engine. The helios is perfect.

Two photographs were taken on the Island Tigre – Mamartupu in the San Blas Islands; one is of the Kona Indians gathering firewood from their dugout, called an Ulas; the other is of Ralph Kast and our Helios 380 next to a Kuna sailing dugout, called an Ulus.

The village on the Island of Tigre – Mamartupu does not look its best from the water due to many mildewing concrete houses along the waterfront.

Once you enter between the huts the island transforms itself into a little paradise. At shore you will find a Kuna handicraft store carrying Molas, wood carvings and good models of their dugouts or Ulas in the Kuna Language. Kuna people sail their dugouts daily as we drive cars.

We sailed from New York through the Caribbean to Trinidad and Cartagena Colombia. Then we sailed through the San Blas Islands and through the Panama canal to the Galapagos. From the Galapagos we sailed to the Tua Motus, Tahiti and the Society Islands, the Cook Islands, Tonga and now Fiji. Our next stop will be New Zealand. Our Helios has been with us the entire 10,000 mile voyage and we are looking forward to some good paddling in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

We really love the idea of exploring in silence without the sound of an outboard engine. Thank you for letting us get a closer look at nature in our Innova Helios 380.

Ralph and Sharon Kast aboard Kastaway in Fiji