Sally Jewell, past President and CEO, REI, 51st US Secretary of the Interior

May 24, 2002

I’m very happy to provide you with a testimonial regarding my personal and company experience with Innova, and specifically the Safari model. I have two Innova kayaks (a Safari and a Helios 380) in addition to three hard shell kayaks. I love to paddle on both flat and moderate white water. I have found the Innova inflatables to perform as well as the hard shell boats, which is very commendable given that they pack up into a small bundle and don’t require any rigid hardware. I’ve taken them on airplanes and in my sailboat, enabling me to paddle in places I otherwise couldn’t go.

The Safari is a great kayak — it is exceptionally maneuverable, yet tracks very well both with and without the detachable skeg. The internal straps make it both fun and stable in white water, and the inflatable seats keep the back comfortable on long flat water excursions. The material is exceptionally tough (even on barnacles) and the tube construction gives it the rigidity needed to perform well.

In speaking with our kayak buyer at REI, she indicated that Innova has high quality, durable, authentic boats that serve the paddling enthusiast (as opposed to the price-conscious recreational user).

Well, I’m off to South Puget Sound to paddle for the weekend!


Sally Jewell
President and CEO