Starting in 2021, CLOUD 150 has become the official distributor
of Innova kayaks by GUMOTEX for North America and Canada.

Our products

Almost everybody knows GUMOTEX inflatable boats. They have been manufactured in the Czech Republic for almost 70 years, during which time they have gained a reputation for being high quality, durable boats that are produced with respect for the environment.




Fishing boats


We are the largest producer of rubber inflatable boats in the world

Our production is eco-friendly: products are made from natural rubber, are phthalate- and PVC-free

We control the entire process, from the material used right up to the packaging process

Our production is a combination of modern technologies and precise handcraft

We offer innovative solutions, uncompromised quality, excellent servic

Our boats are easily stored: pack it in the trunk of your car or check it in as baggage on the plane

Our innovation is a sign of things to come.

We manage our own research and development; we can experiment with materials and design, and explore new avenues. We want to keep producing better and better boats for you and offer you new useful features and solutions. We are doing everything possible to make our boats more enjoyable for you.

Our patented drop-stitch solution

We have connected our years-proven NITRILON® with drop-stitch material. We followed the path of innovation and respect for ecology and nature. Our drop-stitch solution is about rubber, we simply say “NO” to PVC! We combine proven air cylinders with the benefits of drop-stitch technology. Our material has 9 layers, is durable, easy to repair, easy to collapse. There are ideas we can rightly be proud of.

And believe me, we are!


12 Adelaide Ave Dundas,
ON L9H 4M9


GUMOTEX Coatings, s. r. o.

Mládežnická 3062/3a
690 02 Břeclav
Czech Republic

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