• airCap Tip airCap

    airCap is a solar-powered, high-accuracy pressure gauge for inflatable kayaks, canoes, whitewater rafts, IKs, SUPs and RIBs. It is a perfect match for Innova… more

  • Floating the Noatak, 2019 Travel Floating the Noatak

    For the second time in as many years I did a long float trip on the Noatak River in Alaska, above the Arctic Circle. This time my brother and I flew into the… more

  • A Kayaking Trip to Remember Travel A Kayaking Trip to Remember

    There are moments in our lives that clearly stand out in our memories as being special. They may involve extraordinary places and experiences, or simply be… more

  • Innova Thaya Hi-Pressure Inflatable Kaya Review Innova Thaya Hi-Pressure Inflatable…

    Earlier this year, we at the, had the opportunity to take our first look at Innova’s new Thaya inflatable kayak – a 2+ person, high-pressure,… more

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