INNOVA Kayak is a North American distributor of popular European inflatable kayaks, manufactured by GUMOTEX a.s. located in Czech Republic.

INNOVA brand was founded over 20 years ago. Since then INNOVA has promoted and sold flat water and moderate white water inflatables. Boats that are light, can be stored in small places, carried to remote locations, checked in on commercial aircraft, set up quickly, and be on the water in a matter of minutes.

  • TRADITION - Our boats are manufactured by hand with the same technology for more than 60 years and meanwhile we built a reputation of high quality products.
  • KNOW-HOW - Our know-how and technology is unique in this field. We produce our own material for production of boats.
  • EXPERIENCE - We have our own research and development team led by professionals!
  • QUALITY - Thanks to production of our own material we are able to control the entire production process of the inflatables.
  • SAFETY - Safety is one of the most important features of our products. Each boat is carefully inspected – quality testing is 100 %.
  • SATISFACTION - Tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. We offer warranty and also post-warranty service.
  • ECO FRIENDLY - We think and behave responsibly. That is why our boats are not made from PVC, but from high quality and long-term durable materials.

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