Andrew Todhunter, National Geographic

The Innova Twist kayak went on a National Geographic expedition to western Egypt. The writer for this expedition, Andrew Todhunter, sent us this:

…the boat was wonderful. While heavy winds prevented using the kayak on most of the lakes, I was able to inflate and paddle it on a lake out in the midst of the high dunes on the edge of the Great Sand Sea, south of the Siwa Oasis.

As you suggested, the Twist was almost certainly the first craft ever in that body of water.

It worked beautifully, and the small size when deflated made transporting it a dream (by hand and later in a tightly packed 4×4).

The Bedouin guides were amazed by the boat…

 …With continued gratitude for your enthusiasm and support of National Geographic exploration! 

A Bedouin studying the inflated kayak.


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