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 Emily A. Dewire


Emily Dewire is an athlete and an Outdoor Industry Professional. She grew up on the water in Duxbury, MA. After extensive travels and living and working abroad, she is proud to live a stones throw away from Duxbury Bay, the place she calls home. Currently she is promoting the sales and marketing efforts of Innova Kayak, a Brand she absolutely loves and truly believes in. She loves the lightness of their boats, Indestructsbility , ease and comfort of traveling with Innova on my back! You can go anywhere with Innova. Endless possibilities!!

Her sporting career began at a very young age. Racing sailboats with her father in the dead of winter with a cast called the “ frost-biters”. Here she learned respect for the ocean and grew a competitive spirit learning and integrating her skills from her Dad which has stayed with her her entire life. Whether it be on a sailboat, a kayak, or a paddle board, the ocean is her anchor, and it is here where her passions shine thru.

As a Store Manager and Store Opener for “ Eastern Mountain Sports for 11 years plus “it was the perfect fit to explore the mountains from the icy East to the Whistler, to Banff, Canada , Alta, Utah , Lake Tahoe to Chamonix and Verbier!  Passing her outdoor passion to others runs through her blood! She worked for LL Bean, MTI Life Jackets, Sun and Ski and many other Specialty Retail Ski Shops throughput her life. Helping to promote their brands and communicate her love of sports and the outdoors translated thru the very best in equipment. Emily found her passion to help others. She is at the height of her happiness when she can promote the best outdoor products and put them into the hands of  the expert or the beginner so they too can go out into the elements and have fun, be safe and enjoy their outdoor adventures.

Roger Poor


I’ve always loved being outside on foot or on some body of water, following my face to see what lies around the next corner. My love for paddling exploration began at the age of six by taking pool toys in places they should not go, down rivers, across lakes, into back country watersheds, on private property day or night when no adults were around to see me escape or catch me on private property.  I have had amazing adventures worldwide, and a mindset that beaches are worth nothing more than points of arrival or departure.

I own a collection of hard-shell kayaks that would humble the largest dealer and I am fortunate to have a career that enabled collecting still more.  Along the way I added a Maine State Slalom Championship, downriver championship, National Whitewater Championship, extended back country waterway trips in Alaska and Northern New England, and American Canoe Association Instructor Certification. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a paddling skeptic’s brand-new smile after 20 minutes with them.

Parting words and much to my own surprise: I was converted: Innova boats are not disposable beach toys! They are bombproof, inflate /deflate in only minutes, paddle like hard-shells, and will safely and easily go places other inflatables could never follow!

 Paul Schernitzki


Hello! My name is Paul and I manage Innova Kayak social media. I am a passionate storyteller and love photography, paddling, and a good adventure. When I was younger I even once made a plan to take a cheap and definitely unsafe raft to paddle parts of the Caribbean. Luckily I talked myself out of it! When I discovered Innova Kayak it was like a dream come true. Finally a boat light enough to travel with and durable enough for big adventures. I started a blog,, to log my travels.

After living many years in Seattle aboard a sailboat (with my Innova kayaks stored under the cockpit seats!), I migrated to coastal North Carolina. I live in a small rural area with rivers that lead to the ocean. When I’m not kayaking and taking pictures, I enjoy playing the piano, picking up litter, and writing articles for various blogs.  

Above all I love helping tell the story of Innova Kayak across social media and sharing the  stories of our customers out on adventures! 

Jay Murdorck


Jay Murdock has kayaked since 2005 as a member of the San Diego Kayak Club, serves as the club Safety Editor, and has written several articles on that subject. He has had led paddles in Southern California, kayak/backpack trips in Alaska and the Sierras, has kayaked in Mexico, canoed the 50 mile Lake Chelan in Washington, river rafted in Utah, Idaho, California, colorado, and Alaska, and was an instructor with Summit Expeditions, a program similar to Outward Bound. He came to Innova in 2018 when planning to lead a paddle trip to Alaska in 2019, and did extensive research for the best inflatable kayak to take. His background as an inflatable boat dealer years ago resulted in realizing the Swing EX was the best portable kayak on the market for extended flat water trips. He is now helping Innova to expand a dealer network in this area, and will be leading some future trips for the "Innova Travel Club" ("Have Boat, Will Travel").



Scott’s earliest childhood memories are waking to the smell of the ebb and flow of the tide. He would be on the bay learning about fishing and wildfowl from an early age. He was taught proper respect for the ocean from old-timers, specially since he was out in the middle of the winter wildfowling.   Scott clung to this rare knowledge which he passes on freely to others.
  Scott by chance found kayaking in 1988 in Cancun Mexico and upon returning purchased his first of many kayaks in 30 plus years. These were the days when it looked odd to have a kayak on  a Jeep. He helped set the trend no question here. He fielded questions after questions and guided where to acquire one. Little did he no the legendary Roger Poor, who worked with Emily Dewire would introduce him to INNOVA KAYAKS 30 years later.
Scott believes this to be a once in a lifetime product to introduce  INNOVA KAYAKS to as many people as possible, even the “timid” population that are leary of the ocean, INNOVA solves this problem outright. His passion is loud and clear when he speaks of INNOVA KAYAKS.
  Having traveled the world, played professional baseball overseas , adventure by mountains, surf, and sea, to being a practicing black belt in Kemp karate.  Scott takes personal pride in all that he does. We have an INNOVA for everyone. From the hardcore fisherman to the everyday paddler. Scott says he is proud to be tied to INNOVA Kayaks by GUMOTEX.
See you on the bay.

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