Our History

How it begun...

Sometime in the 1990s, two USA business consultants were visiting GUMOTEX, a worldwide distributor of high quality rubberized fabrics based in the Czech Republic. One of the two consultants was an active paddler and noticed inflatable boats being constructed in the same factory, with the same attention to quality and detail. This was something far more of interest to him than advising his client on strategic marketing and operational logistics. He began asking questions and learned that GUMOTEX had a leading reputation in European boating markets.  He also knew that eastern European paddlers, many from the Czech Republic, have dominated Olympic paddlesports events and would bring their expertise and commitment to the quality, design, and engineering of these boats.  They were also lighter, inflated quickly, were far more durable, and would readily fit into small cars, apartments, and closets with less difficulty than those currently available in the USA. He began importing them as INNOVA Kayak in 1998 and distributing them to key paddlesports retailers as a portable and reliable way for access to the lakes and waterways of the USA. So take it with you, and enjoy the ride!


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