Rock River in Wisconsin in an Innova Safari

I am back in Denver, Colorado with my pictures ready to be developed.

I started my trip on the Rock River at Beloit, Wisconsin, and it was a super section for a day or two. But, the water kept getting higher & higher until the river was legally closed to all boaters, so there was not a single boat on the river my entire 155 miles. And, even though several police officers drove past me and said nothing, toward the end of the river, there were “police line, do not cross.”

It was a “wild” ride on the river in flood conditions; water high enough that I canoed over “No Parking” signs. One, I hit it as it was 6 inches under muddy water, an put a 4-6 inch scratch in my Safari. I have high-lighted the very slight “damage” because it is testament to the strength of the Innova Products. I also hit a couple posts that were meant to tie up boats, etc. These were also under water. Those posts were pretty “ugly” on top as they were driven into the river bottom (at low water) by hammer, leaving sharp & jagged post tops. At flood, they were impossible to see, but they did zero damage to my Safari, which is proof that the Innova Product is VERY strong.

Sincerely, Harold


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